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Window Open

August 2, 2012

Window open

Evening sounds swell

Summer frogs sing an urgent tale along the banks of silent water

Shadows lengthen, eager fingers on a carpet of green

Heady in the fleeting moments that define them before they are overcome by the greater darkness

……..   when they cease to be

………….       beyond the window open


From → Poetry

  1. The brevity of the poem ties along well with the brevity of the time the frogs have. There is something to say about the physical matching the abstract/creative.

  2. That is true. In this case I was thinking of the even more abrupt timeline of the shadows and their desperate journey, those few hours when they exist before darkness consumes them and they have no finite boundaries of their own – when they are consumed by the greater darkness – at first dimming before eventual consumption.

  3. Beyond the window open

    Like a sugar cube on the tongue. That’s one of those lines every poets kicks themselves for not coining. Excellent.

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