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Hate’s Run-on Sentence

August 6, 2012

We are given to wonder

and question why

a God of love

who paints the sky

who weaves our days

to His design

could watch in silence

as we resign


to abandon hope

we held to fast

when permanent things

fail to last

when passions drive

the fates of all

consume the weak

and fell the strong


with evil worked

through desperate hands

and burning need

that shapes all plans

be they justice, surrender

or selfish gain

for compassion lost

to former pain


that in the doing,

the action, the taking

fails to sate

the eternal waking

of a deeper need

that won’t be silent

world upon world

raging and defiant.


From → Poetry

  1. I’ve often pondered the same. Nice, terse lines. I enjoyed reading this.

  2. Thanks for reading and for commenting.

  3. This is very well done. I can tell you’re a man of passion by the way you write. There are tons of poetry blogs out there, but only a handful that grab me enough to subscribe to.
    So here I am. 🙂

  4. I was talking to an acquaintance a couple of weeks ago about the principles of the twelve step programs. I’ve never been to any (not that I wouldn’t get any good out of it for certain things) but one of the principles was “asking your higher power” for help and humbling yourself, saying you’re too weak. I was like wtf, I ask God everyday for help I have no problem with that nor with humbling myself and facing the darkness. I see a theme in what you write, needing to ask God some questions. 🙂 I’ve written about it many times. I’m trying my best and can’t wait to face him.

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