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Simply Seeking

August 31, 2012

God above, I adjure You
Sinners below I implore you
Help me cast off these robes of convention
Days shaped by the characters we must play

Break away the clay mask
Peel away the brittle armor
And do we dare reach out
Our hands seeking to clasp another

What have we built, these barriers
The stones laid one by one by ignorance
And quarried by the weary hands of prejudice
Forever longing to connect yet denied

What if I held you tight and true
Told you ‘you can make it’ and meant it
What if I confessed that I am scared too
Of what each day hides among the thorns

What if we walked the creek in our best shoes
Dozed in the shadow of an ancient maple
Dared to look behind the eyes
Surrendered ambition to compassion

Tonight I stare up at the full moon
Cloaked in a veil of stars
My shadow stretches out behind me offering no comfort
No connection, its hand passing through mine

Empty I reach out my hand to the ether
Simply seeking


From → Flash Fiction, Poetry

  1. I’d love to walk the creek in my best shoes. Awesome write, as always.

    • I know, right. Some days we should just say what the heck, click the laptop shut, park the cab, idle the truck or dozer and jump in the creek like we would have done as kids.

  2. What a stunning piece 🌹!

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