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The Unseen

September 21, 2012

Daylight fell in pieces, torn bits of blazing white and fiery gold, raining down around me.

It gathered at my feet, a blinding and endless blanket of light.  Shielding my eyes with my hands I sung a voiceless tune.

The wind danced from its hiding place and bade me spill myself out.  ‘Empty yourself,’ it whispered.

Powerful fingers wove into mine and pulled them from my eyes.  The light blinded me….seared…I reeled in pain…for a moment.

A buzzing, no, an almost industrial whine, grew rapidly in my ears, my mind, my very soul…it grew and grew in intensity…within seconds.

And then it stopped. I stopped.  It all ceased to be.

Now, somehow without fear, I opened my eyes to see the unseen.

This is where I find myself.  At the end of all things – singing a voiceless tune to the unseen.


From → Flash Fiction, Poetry

  1. Thank you for sharing your poem. Lovely intensity.

  2. Beautiful existential moment of realization. I dig it.

  3. Very powerful Noah.

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