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Hush Now

December 13, 2012

I lay beneath the discarded tobacco leaves
The cool earth to my back
Remnants of lost centuries mixed with straw and bits of twine

A screech-owl’s cry pierces the dark
Gives shelter to my fears
Here within the sighing timbers of the barn I hide

Birch branches overhead bent under their burden
The green-brown tobacco leaves hanging silent
Cobwebs sway like snowy lacework their ballet in the night

Sssssshhh.  Hush now.

In the distance the song begins
A chorus rolls over the hills
Frogs, crickets, and hens all busy telling tales from the day

Cool damp caresses my spine
As I am devoured by the earth
Feeling the echoed footfalls of generations near and far

Ssssshhh.  Hush now.

Shifting grey clouds surrender to the moon
She crouches next me, glowing amber
Brushes the decaying concealment from my face

Ssssshhh.  Hush now.


From → Flash Fiction, Poetry

  1. Dude…just dude.

  2. Like a barefoot dance, light, earthy, spinning and free ~ Jason

  3. californiakyle permalink

    Loooooooooove this.

  4. Love this.

    I knew it was going somewhere, and I like how you eased us right into it.

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