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January 27, 2013

It burns in me afresh
This yearning, this need for You
I am empty, and all the empty things I use to fill my empty life….
They leave me empty.

It burns in me afresh
This knowing, this finite view of the Infinite
I am lost, and I am losing myself in the search to fill my empty life…
And in the searching I am emptied.

Empty I am free to dance,
       will I dance?
Empty I am free to sing,
        will I sing?

“Having ears to hear, they do not hear.”
“Having eyes to see, they do not see.”

I swim in tidal pools
Of seemingly radom molecules
That appear to have no rules
And spin us ’round to make us fools
In a sky set with jewels…..and fire….and vapor….and wonder

And it burns in me afresh
This yearning, this need for You.

  1. “Finite view of the infinite”. Yessir

  2. This was without doubt, a masterpiece.

  3. Sounds like being only at the beginning and ready to be filled up. Nice images and catchy dude. 🙂 Bet’d sound good sung or read.

  4. “Will I sing?”

    In Italian, while I shower
    In French, while I cook
    In Spanish, while I drink

    But not while I run.

    • I will have to substitute Latin for Spanish and have a drink. My French is rusty and I have always wanted to learn Italian, Hindi, and Mandarin.

    • What language would you pair with gin?

      • Well, that depends on which Gin you’re drinking. There are many varieties of Gin, and only a few of them are Paleo – most of the commercially available bottles are distilled from grains, and then the Juniper flavor is added.

        If you’re drinking London Dry, I would go ahead and sing in English – perhaps a rendition of Abbey Road would be just the right flavor.
        If you’re going a little more authentic, and have a hand-crafted bottle of Wacholder, you may want to brush up on your German a bit.

        And while traditional Gins were made throughout all of Germany, France, and the Netherlands, we’ve already decided to sing in French for cooking, so it would be a toss-up between Dutch and German. And since I only know of German hand-crafted Gins (there may be Dutch ones out there, but I haven’t seen or tasted them) that leaves me singing in German with Gin!

      • It is Tanqueray, London Dry Gin which leaves me babbling in English. 🙂 I only know one song in French and it is a Christmas tune, but I shall sing over my stove like a French Canary.

  5. Very well written, and I must confess, “Having eyes to see, they do not see”, so much power in one
    line. Excellent.

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