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The Dance

April 6, 2013

She danced with careless abandon,

we shuffled our feet.

She smiled without prompting,

we tipped our glasses.

Moments stolen from worry.


She is free and we are bound.

Help me remove these shackles.


From → Poetry

  1. Very powerful poetry.

  2. That’s right, free it up.

  3. Out of curiosity – were you tipping your sunglasses up, so you could see in each other’s eyes (’cause I know you wear your sunglasses at night!)? Or were you tipping your alcohol glasses back, so that, umm, you couldn’t see straight anymore…?

    • Ha! Dude I love that song…”I wear my sunglasses at night, I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can watch you even breathe your storylines.”

      • It’s a good one, right?! A true Icon!

        Anyway, since “glasses” could be sunglasses or wine glasses, I just wanted to check and make sure I was reading it right…

  4. I love the line “Moments stolen from worry.” – it sums up the best that most adults can hope for, a few good moments of enjoyment amid the pressures and concerns of daily living, packed tightly into 4 solid words.

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