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I See

May 4, 2013

I see emerald eyes,

a heart that burns with passion,

words set free on vagrant winds.

I see strength, brawn, and beauty.

But those emerald eyes have beheld worlds shattered.

Images not easily forgot.

How the cover conceals your pain and how we,

if we could,

seek to shoulder a portion of your quiet suffering.

Loosen your grip so we too may bear it with you.

You are not alone.


From → Poetry

  1. Incredibly beautiful – and also painfully beautiful. I connected with this in a big way ~ my eyes are green as well.. Love to you ~ RL

  2. Strong and comforting.

  3. “Loosen your grip”. That’s easier said than done, yes?

  4. This is wonderful. You took us to the marrow.

  5. Words set free on vagrant winds

    A portion of your quiet suffering.

    Love this piece.

  6. Wow. So simply and directly touching. Love it.

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