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Tropical Comet

May 25, 2013

We lay beneath the stars

Amy Grant’s velvet voice washed over us like an ocean breeze

I had just downloaded her latest album, How Mercy Looks From Here,

Mixed us sufficiently strong drinks from whatever I culled from the pantry

“Tropical Comets” I announced with a flourish before settling into the cool of the night

Peering through the annoying sea of floaters and debris that cloud my vision

Into the night blue as it faded to a field of black studded with countless points of light.

The chill settled around us and I slipped into the house while your eyes were closed

I brought out blankets and two lit oil lanterns that bathed us in ethereal gold

We said very llittle

Both so grateful for this moment in the cool spring night

Beneath a picture frame of endless wonder

Tipsy and alive and surviving unplanned horrors

All the richer for it – not in money

In compassion and acceptance and faith and….

These Tropical Comets aren’t half bad!


From → Poetry

  1. nuttyblurt permalink

    Stunning! ’nuff said 😉

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