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Ghosts Upon The Earth

June 17, 2013

Random thoughts that crowd my mind
And carry me back gravel lanes
Where memories walk like ghosts upon the earth

White Queen Anne’s Lace swaying
Summer whispering dreams across my skin
Tanned from following the hay wagon
Tossing bales onto the grey boards
Glimmering in the sun
Heat waves distorting images before eyes stung by sweat
A jug of now-warm water beckons from its perch

You sit high on the old red tractor
Occasionally looking back at us
Adjusting your speed so we can keep up
A familiar pipe held between you teeth
The bill of your NK cap pulled down to shield your eyes
You squint and nod your approval
I pull the sweat-soaked t-shirt up from my stomach to mop my face

The sun makes it’s decent
Painting skies in lavender and wine
In the distance she sings out
Her song is met with lowing as cattle walk familiar paths
Among the Queen Anne’s Lace swaying
A dance I hope to never forget

  1. I have nothing to say here.

  2. This is lovely.

  3. Extremely well written.

  4. I love it when I get to paint the skies in wine. And it’s even better when the people around me see it too! 🙂

    Great poem Noah! And 2 in a week, this is unprecedented!

  5. Triple Drop Training permalink

    “Summer whispering dreams across my skin” If this line isn’t reason enough alone to continue with literary ambitions, then I don’t know what is.

  6. You just killed me. I am dead now…

  7. Excellent. I’m an old country boy myself. Thanks for this work.

  8. nuttyblurt permalink

    “Where memories walk like ghosts upon the earth”.. stunning imagery.

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