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Beach Glass

July 30, 2013

An ocean of rage and power
I lie beneath the weight of your waves
Rushing in.  Retreating to fall again
And I submit to the push and pull
Tugging me out to sea
Returning me to the shore
Competing forces that polish me
Removes my sharp edges
Until I shine under the sun


From → Poetry

  1. I like the rhythm and rhyme here, Noah– esp. the 3rd line “Rushing in. Retreating to fall again”– This whole pieces pushes and pulls, back and forth, just like the sea that you are describing. Very neat 🙂 ~Jason

    • Thanks man. I wanted it to be sensual in the sense of both physicality and movement yet strike spiritual chords – and in few lines so as not to complicate it.

  2. Rock solid.

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