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Gather at the River

August 19, 2013

I waded out into the cold water
To ragged strains of a hymn
‘Shall we gather at the river…’ carried up the muddy banks
As minnows and my sins swam against the current
Before losing interest and floating downstream

Pride, Fear, and Greed stood on the bank watching
Tight greying buns atop plain unpainted faces
Ready smiles hard at the corners from practiced lies
Lust was there as well
Behind five o’clock shadows and shifting eyes

‘The beautiful, the beautiful river…’
Submerged, my breath catches, it is peaceful.  Still.
Rising through a crytal blanket of water into the bright light
The cicadas hiss their disapproval
As I shiver my way from the water and into the tall weeds


From → Poetry

  1. I really REALLY like this one. Ominous, cynical, leading to uncertain places.

  2. Wow! What a weekend! You were clearly stricken with some serious inspiration – and I love it!!

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