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Aren’t What They Seem

August 22, 2013

I grow weary of pretenders and fakers
Comic book shakers
Back slapping, arm touching
Well placed words
Practiced pseudo-intimacy

I am wise to promise makers and breakers
Opportunity takers
Tugging to set the hook
Then throwing their catch
To drift wounded in dark waters

I seek to be a genuine mercy sower
A compassion grower
Unafraid to love people where they are
In moments of beauty
And when their deeds are ugly

Make me a true peace seeker and daily meeker
A harvest reaper
Who gives freely as he can
To those with nothing
And to those without charity

Guard my heart from masked intention, contention
Carnal convocation
False elevation to a place of false esteem
For purposes yet unclear
But clearly on purpose


From → Poetry

  1. I really like the second stanza here and feel like I relate–though that may be a bit presumptive–to the last two stanzas. Powerful and heart-breakingly earnest poem.

  2. Really, really great!

  3. “Practiced pseudo-intimacy”. That’s killer.

  4. A super piece, Noah. Not just technically– because it is– but also the sentiment. I so often feel exactly this way. It is a difficult path to live, but well worth, for although the soft heart breaks easily, the jaded heart feels nothing at all. ~J

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