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Created Things

September 17, 2013

Acorns snap crisp beneath my feet
A stream of emerald green calls out
Cold water
Swift and sure
Browning seed pods brush fingertips
Grasshoppers uncertain grumble

Wild turkeys chatter unconcerned
Gathering what they do not sow
Grubs and grain
Earth candy
The peeling bark of river birch
Collected swag for my mantle

Clouds tumble out from hidden urns
To drift through skies of azure blue
Bees collect
Toil set down from time eternal

All these things such striking beauties
Yet they live as just reflections
Sky and stream
Bird and bee
Trading shadows for immortal

Open clouded eyes Creator
Mine foremost lacking truest sight
Remind me
All I see
Displays Your character for all

This beauty
These created things…
Don’t let me replace You with trees


From → Poetry

  1. beautiful and true noah

  2. “Trading shadows for immortal”
    Ok, I think that’s pretty great

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