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Related Strangers

September 26, 2013

You drank too much
and made us uneasy strangers.
You were cruel and cold.
Words curled around cigarettes,
sent to do the work of a dark heart.

Your brother fell
beneath the crushing fist of death.
We were left alone.
Slow days scraped over small bones,
and we bent beneath the weight of grief.

But years gave way
to lives reshaped by faded dreams.
Reality worn.
Eyes opened to callousness,
and we guilty of not reaching out.

You weren’t a drunk
but lived as best you knew how.
I can see that now.
You lacked the strength to be there,
in the moments when we needed you.

And we too failed
to acknowledge successes.
To offer respect.
I wish we had shared a beer,
as judgement and fear sat by the fire.


From → Flash Fiction, Poetry

  1. A Maze Ing. Seriously!

  2. Challenging situation with people no doubt.

  3. This, my friend, is god damn beautiful.
    Every line stands on it own to be seen, heard.

  4. How did I miss this post?? A beautiful write Noah. You hit the perfect tone in this piece and make it all seem so effortless. Bravo! ~peace my friend, Jason

  5. I could have written this about my sister ~ only it wood dent half been as good. Thanks for putting the details of such a complex emotion in words.

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