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When the sun shines
Your name is but a whisper on our lips.
When the storms rage
We cry out for Your help.

Oh to live always in a state of gratitude.


No Longer Quiet

I would pull you into me
Held tight
My breath in your hair
The rise and fall of your belly against mine…

Until we are quiet.


I would pull you into me
At night
Arms wrapped around you
Until our hearts shared a single rhythmic tune

Until we are quiet.


I would pull you into me
Whisper in your ear
To dance unashamed and so we would begin

We dance.

Dance in the Light.

Bathed in the mercy of God’s love.

No longer quiet.

Free to laugh.


Missing You

It is strange to think

that on a day like this

under a sky so blue

the sun dragging its fingers across my skin

pines whispering in response to unseen breezes

here in such beauty 

my heart is cleaved in two

and I miss you so much

that this beauty hurts.

Aren’t What They Seem

I grow weary of pretenders and fakers
Comic book shakers
Back slapping, arm touching
Well placed words
Practiced pseudo-intimacy

I am wise to promise makers and breakers
Opportunity takers
Tugging to set the hook
Then throwing their catch
To drift wounded in dark waters

I seek to be a genuine mercy sower
A compassion grower
Unafraid to love people where they are
In moments of beauty
And when their deeds are ugly

Make me a true peace seeker and daily meeker
A harvest reaper
Who gives freely as he can
To those with nothing
And to those without charity

Guard my heart from masked intention, contention
Carnal convocation
False elevation to a place of false esteem
For purposes yet unclear
But clearly on purpose

Gather at the River

I waded out into the cold water
To ragged strains of a hymn
‘Shall we gather at the river…’ carried up the muddy banks
As minnows and my sins swam against the current
Before losing interest and floating downstream

Pride, Fear, and Greed stood on the bank watching
Tight greying buns atop plain unpainted faces
Ready smiles hard at the corners from practiced lies
Lust was there as well
Behind five o’clock shadows and shifting eyes

‘The beautiful, the beautiful river…’
Submerged, my breath catches, it is peaceful.  Still.
Rising through a crytal blanket of water into the bright light
The cicadas hiss their disapproval
As I shiver my way from the water and into the tall weeds

The Letter

I got a letter today
A scent of hope upon its wings
and yet
You told me her DOD is barely legible
They botched it
Another cut in a heart with so many scars already
And you end as if writing to the electric company
with some minor complaint about your bill
when we are bound by blood
and by tragedy
Why can’t you bring yourself to pen two simple words

Big Sky


A small blue orb

Ripping through uncharted space

Hurled on a tidal wave of noise and radiation

And yet no star goes astray

No night falls into darkness unattended

No dawn fails to awaken at its appointed time

We dwell in the light of grace seemingly unaware

And live under a canopy of endless beauty